How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

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Window Cleaning Prices.


  • Generally, window cleaning costs between $2-$10 per window depending on the type of window.
  • Many window cleaners charge by the hour From $35 to $75 per hour on average,
  •  Screen cleaning, at $0.50 cents to $5 each,
  • sliding glass doors, cost between $2.50 to $8 per door.
  • Cleaning window sills and tracks; the cost can range from $0.50 cents to $5.

That being said, it will cost more to have the interior windows cleaned in addition to the exterior. It is rare to have an interior cleaning only, and many companies will not recommend interior-only. Exterior cleaning is usually about 80% of the in-and-out cost.

The information that we will give you about how much it would cost you to clean your windows is based on national prices, it can vary in your state and even your city.

Cleaning your home’s windows is as important as any other household chore.
Americans due to work or study and other daily tasks we can not take care of window cleaning, and it is always better to hire a professional to take charge.

Window Cleaning Prices

What Are The Factors and the Average Prices of Window Cleaning?


Well, the factors are that you have to make sure in some things like:

  • If the company is insured.
  • How much the insurance covers.
  • It has everything necessary to do the cleaning professionally.
  • Worker Competition Insurance, (if they have employees).


Well, you can find “companies” that are not insured and this is extremely dangerous since the windows are usually delicate and if an accident happens it is likely that they do not take care of the damages.

Other common factors of the price will be:

  • The dirty of the glass, Dirtier windows generally require more tools and equipment (not to mention time)
  • The highs of the building, for outside windows (If it is a building or apartment)
  • Number of windows  The more that need washing, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Ease of access  Ladders, special tools and extra time may be required to clean some hard-to-reach windows.

Obviously these are expenses for the company and their prices are usually a little higher but you will be sure of anything that will happen to your windows you will be protected.

Additional window cleaning prices


  • Screen cleaning is .50 cents-$5 each, depending on size. (Some companies will not clean broken or torn screens).
  • Sliding glass doors run $2.50-$10 per door. Some companies average the cost of sliding doors with small bathroom windows, to cut the price.
  • Some cleaners will include sills and tracks. If not, the price runs .50 cents-$5.
  • While second-story work is generally charged the same as single story, third and fourth-floor ladder work runs $3-$5 extra per window.
  • Paint or stain removal on the windows costs $3.50-$6 for a regular sized windows.
  • Removing mineral deposits is included by some companies and runs about $20 per pane at others.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that we must choose those who have an insurance policy so that we are assured that any damage will be covered since the windows are delicate. I will keep that in mind now that we need to hire their services. The reason is that I don’t have the luxury of time to clean them since I am busy with the preparation of the event that I will host in my house. This will be for the birthday of my daughter who will turn 16 a week from now.

  2. Could you write another post on this going into a little bit more detail? I had some questions that weren’t answered here but I liked what you had to say on the subject. Love to hear more of your perspective.

  3. I appreciate you saying that special tools and extra time may be required to clean some hard-to-reach windows. My dad told me that my mom wants him to clean all the windows of the house but I think that it might be dangerous for my dad to do it. I will help him look for a window cleaning company so they can properly clean all the windows.

  4. Victoria Addington

    Thanks for providing an average cost of window cleaning. Apparently, we’ll be organizing an event for the company’s clients next week, which is why I was asked to find a commercial window cleaning company. It’s great to know that they charge $2-$10 per window depending on the type. However, I had no idea that costs may still vary for dirty windows that require a lot of tools and equipment.

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