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The importance of order and cleanliness in the office…


Order and cleanliness are not only important in the home, but also essential in the workplace and in the office. Maintaining order and cleanliness is paramount to the effectiveness and productivity of workers.

Conversely, clutter or dirt causes problems such as loss of time, delays in meeting the goals or even risks of accidents at work. If we want to keep order at work, we must eliminate these interferences and achieve a certain quality of life for our employees. To achieve this, we can highlight “The 5s method”. This method consists of a program of order and cleaning of offices and jobs. It was launched in the 1960s with the Toyota car company and with the aim of making the workplaces well organized, orderly and clean in order to increase productivity and improve the working environment.

This methodology in turn contemplates five key points that must be put into practice if you want to keep a job in perfect condition. The five key points of “The method of the 5s” are: to separate unnecessary elements, to position in an orderly way the elements most necessary to identify them quickly when necessary, to suppress the dirt, to signal anomalies and to continue improving. This method can be implemented in any organization, since it is valid for both industrial companies and services. In addition, if success is to be achieved, it is important that from the direction of the company be supported and be preached by example. It is also necessary to motivate the workers with this project, to incorporate a discipline and to make them understand the advantages in the implementation of this methodology.

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