Nancy S. Castro

Name: Nancy Salgado Castro. Owner of Nancy’s Maid Services.
Resides in the area of ​​Goleta, CA.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in us for your project. This is a bit of my story and how we started as a company and the mission we have in this business. I am 40 years old, married and have 3 children.
Irving S. Castro is one of those who help me with this project and my daughter Dulce S. Salgado will usually talk to her by phone when asking for an estimate. Jorge S. Salgado the youngest, just turned 15 and goes to the dos pueblos high school.
Everyone resides right here in Goleta, CA.


I am a Mexican national, and when I came to the USA more than 16 years ago, my first job was cleaning, I worked for different companies, and as I was acquiring the necessary experience for this work I know how to do a good job.
A couple of years ago, exactly in 2016 I decided to start by myself and that’s how I started Nancy’s Maid Services.
Our mission is to improve confidence, we know that it is difficult to let people into your home, that is why we want to be the most honest with our clients in all aspects.

One of the concerns of our new customers is who will go to my home, we will let you know who will go every time we go to your home by email or text message, names of each of our employees or at least the one in charge.
You will receive a notification every time we start and finish cleaning your home, you will be aware of everything.

With Nancy’s Maid Service you are safe,

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