Construction Cleaning Services in Santa Barbara, CA

Nancy’s Cleaning Services PRO’s provides home cleaning service & commercial cleaning services In Santa Barbara. That includes Professional Post Construction Cleaning Service.

Welcome to Nancy’s Cleaning Services, where we specialize in comprehensive post-construction and renovation cleaning services designed to handle the unique challenges of newly renovated or constructed spaces in Santa Barbara. Our expert team ensures that every square inch of your property is meticulously cleaned and ready for use.

Santa Barbara Post Construction Cleanup

After the construction crews leave, you are often left with dust, debris, and construction waste. Our post-construction cleaning services are designed to transform your construction site into a clean, safe, and organized space. Our thorough cleaning checklist covers everything from dust removal from air ducts to polishing of the interior glass and surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Removal of construction debris and waste
  • Detailed dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces
  • Window cleaning, including labels and stickers removal
  • Floor cleaning and Vacuuming.

Final Cleaning

Final cleaning is crucial for ensuring that your new or renovated property shines and is in move-in condition. Our team pays special attention to all details, leaving no stone unturned.

Customized Cleaning Solutions:

  • Tailored to fit the specific needs and timelines of your project
  • Final inspections to ensure every detail meets your standards

Post Construction and After Construction Cleaning Service In Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara After Cleaning Clean Up

Get Rid of the Dust Left Behind After Construction

Once the heavy work is done, our after-construction cleaning provides the finishing touches before your space becomes fully operational. This final clean up focuses on making your environment absolutely pristine.

What We Do:

  • Fine cleaning to ensure removal of all construction dust
  • Detail-oriented cleaning including vents, light fixtures, and ceiling fans
  • Stain removal from surfaces and upholstery

Our after construction cleaning team takes care of the mess in these situations:


Our professional construction cleaners In Santa Barbara can work alongside your team throughout the building process so that we can clean as we go. Or we can wait until the completion of your project to do a full after construction cleanup.

Near cities we offer our construction cleaning service:

Professional maid providing commercial cleaning services in Santa Barbara, mopping floors at a dealership for a spotless post-construction finish.
What exactly does your post-construction cleaning service in Santa Barbara include?

Our post-construction cleaning includes thorough debris removal, deep dust cleaning, polishing of all surfaces, and window cleaning, ensuring every area of your newly constructed or renovated space is spotless and ready for use.

How soon can I schedule a cleaning after my construction project ends?

We recommend scheduling our construction clean-up services as soon as you have a completion date. This ensures that your space is cleaned and ready for occupancy without unnecessary delays.

Do you offer customized cleaning plans for different types of construction projects?

Yes, we provide tailored cleaning solutions for various construction projects, whether it’s a large commercial site or a small home renovation in Santa Barbara. Our services are customized to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Is your cleaning crew trained to handle delicate finishes often found in high-end renovations?

Absolutely. Our team is experienced in handling all types of surfaces and finishes, employing the appropriate techniques and products to ensure that your high-end finishes are cleaned safely and effectively.

What measures do you take to ensure the safety and security of the property during after-construction cleaning?

Our staff are thoroughly vetted and trained to follow strict safety protocols, including securing the property during and after cleaning. We are fully insured, providing peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional construction cleaning company over doing the cleaning myself?

Hiring a professional ensures that the cleaning is done quickly and thoroughly, with the right tools and techniques to handle construction-specific challenges. It saves you time and ensures that your property is cleaned to professional standards.

How do you handle very fine construction dust that settles everywhere?

We use advanced cleaning equipment, including HEPA filter vacuums, to capture fine construction dust effectively. Our team ensures that every surface, including hard-to-reach areas, is dust-free and hygienic.

Do you offer final cleaning services for newly constructed homes before they are listed for sale?

Yes, our final cleaning services are perfect for newly constructed homes in Santa Barbara, ensuring they are impeccably clean and presentable before they hit the market.

Can your post-renovation cleaning services be customized for specific areas like kitchens and bathrooms?

Definitely. We offer detailed cleaning services tailored for high-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms, focusing on deep cleaning appliances, fixtures, and cabinets to ensure they are ready for immediate use.