Meaning of the disorder in the home

Meaning of the disorder in the home

Meaning of the disorder in the home

Did you know that the accumulation of things in the home and disorder are related to different kinds of fears?

As fear of change, fear of being forgotten or forgotten, fear of lack and symbolize also confusion, lack of focus, chaos, instability and can mean uncertainty about your goals, your identity or what you want out of life

 In addition, the place of the house in which disorder or accumulation is found reflects which area is problematic in your life. For example, it is said that the closet, or dressing, reflects how you are emotionally and that once you organize your internal conflicts will calm down, or that a faded nightstand means that your love life has lost its brightness too.

Have you kept broken or damaged objects for a long time thinking of repairing them someday?

They symbolize promises and broken dreams and whether it is appliances, electronics, furniture or tableware and you have them, for example, in the kitchen or bathroom means health and wealth problems.If the clutter you have in your room means that you are a person who leaves things unfinished and you have difficulty having a partner or stable work.
kids rooms are usually messy because they have not yet gone through the process of knowing what they want in life, but there are studies that show that children who keep their rooms organized tend to be better at school.

Different kinds of accumulation

• New Accumulation: This accumulation indicates that you are trying to do too many things at once and that you are not focusing on what you have to do and that you have lost direction. This accumulation or clutter includes stacked clothing, CDs or movies around the house, toys or sporting goods scattered, things that you have recently used but have not put back into place. The hurried way in which we live tend to create this type of disorder and almost all of us have in our home to some extent. Organizing this type of disorder immediately helps you to be a more focused and effective person in your daily life.

• Old accumulation: I mean objects that you have not used in a long time and that are stacked in the attic, garage, closets … Old papers and documents in your computer that you no longer use, magazines for more than 6 months or clothes That you have not put yourself in more than a year. This is a reflection of you are living in the past and you are letting your old ideas and emotions take over your present and this at the same time prevents new opportunities and people from entering your life.

10 things you can do today to control the disorder:

• Get rid of the biggest thing first: the exercise bike you no longer use or the giant teddy bear you have kept since school.
• Return things you have borrowed, CDs, books, clothes, tools.
• Pick up whatever is on the floor and put it in a basket or bag until you can take the time to put it in place.
• Collects magazines, catalogs and newspapers in a bag or basket.
• Remove 10 garments from the wardrobe that you have not worn in the last year and give them.
• Clean the windows, it is a figurative and literal way of letting light into your life.
• Empty trash bins, bathrooms, kitchen, office; Represent things we no longer need or want in our lives.
• Remove loose stockings from your wardrobe that your partner has lost, you can use them to clean furniture.
• Clear the desktop, archive papers you no longer use, review and organize the received mail.
• Discard pens and markers that do not work.

The Meaning of Home Disorder

Humans emit messages and signals according to the arrangement of our personal objects, even in our drawers. The accumulation of objects is a form of emitting signals; Too many objects emit the saturation signal of ideas, projects and plans totally confused, very unstructured and defined. The disorder alters the tao or the way to obtain our goals. It blocks opportunities and leads us to lose time, which can be very valuable in order to structure our life plan in an orderly and disciplined way. Depending on where the clutter accumulates, it is the message or signal that is being broadcast:

• If there is disorder or objects piled up at the entrance to the house, it is interpreted as a fear of relating to others.
• If there is clutter or objects stacked in the closet, the message is that you do not have control over the analysis and handling of the emotions. • If there is disorder or objects piled up in the kitchen, the message or signal is one of resentment or sentimental fragility.
• If there is clutter in the desk or work area, the message is frustration, fear, and need to control situations.
• If there is disorder behind the doors, the message is fear of not being accepted by others, feeling constantly guarded.
• If there is disorder under the furniture, the message is that too much importance is attached to appearances.
• If there is disorder or objects accumulated in warehouses, the message is that one lives from the past.
• If there is clutter or accumulated objects in the garage, the message is fear and lack of ability to update.
• If there is disorder and objects piled up throughout the house, the message is one of courage, anger, apathy, and apathy toward all aspects of life.
• If there is disorder or objects accumulated in corridors, the message is of conflicts to communicate, fear of saying and manifesting what you want in life.
• If there is disorder or objects accumulated in the room, the message is a fear of social rejection.
• If there is disorder in the dining room, the message is afraid not to take firm and solid steps, a feeling of mastery by the family.
In cases where we have antiques or inherited objects, these are impregnated with the energy of those people to whom they have belonged. A ritual to clean them is to make it with incense or essential oil natural of some citrus like orange, lemon, grapefruit or mandarin. After having accommodated all this disorder we have already taken the second step, now we move to the third step, clean or clear the energy of our living spaces. This will help you turn your spaces into sacred places; In which you will find more meaning to your life and you will be more assertive in your decisions and projects.


About the Disorder Louis L. Hay says:  Make room for the new. Yes, make room for the new. Empty the refrigerator, throw away all those remains wrapped in foil. Clean the cabinets, get rid of everything you have used in the last 6 months. And if you have not used it for a year, decidedly that is too much in your house, so sell it, change it, give it or burn it.

Cluttered and cluttered closets reflect a mind in disorder. While cleaning the closets, tell yourself that you are cleaning your closets.