How to Sell Your House Fast

ou’ve already decided to move on to greener pastures, but that’s not going to happen until you find a buyer for your current home. It may not be easy, but there are steps you can take to attract buyers to your door like moths to a lamp, and close the deal faster than a venus flytrap.  These include things like: 

Deep Cleaning It

This will ensure visitors aren’t turned off by unsightly stains or musky odors. Clean windows are among your top priorities, along with the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Don’t forget the exterior, either. Wipe down your door and make sure the doormat is clean.  There are great house cleaning tips that professional cleaners do for this type of cleaning.

Making Small Upgrades

It’s time to get dirty with DIY, and it’s a fun project if you’re a hobby carpenter or a fan of “This Old House.” Here are some Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Tips Make sure you’ve got the right power tools, as this will take a long time without them. Some suggestions include resurfacing cabinets, repairing baseboards and filling in nail holes, if necessary you can install new flooring to give your home even better look.. This will make your home look brand new, even if it isn’t. 

Lighting It Up

“In the game of First Impressions, a poorly lit home is at an automatic disadvantage,” say the experts at Homeward, adding that it will make the dwelling look dirty, uninviting and small. You can turn the tables by upgrading existing light fixtures and adding more lamps as needed in addition to getting rid of dark-colored rugs and bedding. Ta-da! More space … kind of.

Giving It a Paint Job

And there’s a specific color: blue. Why is it that? A study showed that houses with bathrooms painted in light or pale blue sell for $5,440 more than expected, while there’s a $1,809 premium for kitchens. However, light beige, pale taupe or oatmeal perform better for living rooms. So, you’d better get rolling – or brushing, if you prefer.

Finding a Good Listing Agent

Some sellers are tempted to go with the agent that offers the highest list price and demands the lowest commission. Don’t fall for that, as it’s often a ploy by the under-qualified to gain more business. Instead, look for a qualified professional with a larger advertising budget at their disposal, as that will get your house more exposure.

Getting Professional Photos

Just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you’re qualified to take photos of your home. Moreover, it isn’t always easy to find the right photographer to do it. You should look through portfolios to find someone with a style that you like, then make sure they have a full-frame camera as well as the software to touch up the photos. This ensures the best first impression.

Choosing the Right Time

This is almost always spring, particularly the first two weeks of May, when homes sell almost two weeks faster and for a premium of $2,500 nationally. There are some regional variations, however, with homes in New York and San Francisco moving better in April. The reason is the warming weather and the recent tax refunds lining people’s pockets.

Setting the Right Price

Do it wrong, and you could miss an entire segment of buyers. Both you and your agent should agree on an approximate value, after you’ve done your research, of course. If you’re hoping to stimulate interest from a number of buyers or just sell quickly, offer it in the lower range at a price that will easily be found in real estate search engines.

Promoting It Online

Whether or not you list with a real estate agent, the goal is to get as many eyes on the house as possible, and listing your home online is an easy way to do so. Make sure to use a trusted website for a reputable company where you can get more exposure through higher ranking on search engines. Be sure to offer a virtual tour, if possible.

Staging It for Visits

Highlight your house’s best features by getting rid of clutter and putting any unnecessary items away in storage. Also, create more space by pulling furniture away from walls and arranging items in groups.

If you follow these steps, the buyers should be lining up. Now, it’s up to you to choose the right one. also if you want more information in detail you can visit and its article with more detail of How to Increase Your Home’s Value


Suzie Wilson is an interior designer with more than 20 years experience. What started as a hobby (and often, a favor to friends) turned into a passion for creating soothing spaces in homes of every size and style. While her goal always includes making homes look beautiful, her true focus is on fashioning them into serene, stress-free environments that inspire tranquility in all who enter. The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open House is filled with tips, tricks and other advice based on Suzie’s years of experience in interior home design that will set you up for success.

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