How to Clean a House Professionally

3 Steps to Clean a House Professionally and Fast.

When I started my cleaning business, the only way to be profitable was figuring out how clean in an efficient manner. And over years of developing that system has been used professionally very successfully.
The one thing that struck me were all of these different methods for doing basically what you would think about as simply getting your house clean professionally. There are so many ways in which people have found success and now it’s just become a part of pop culture to talk about taking care of our homes with certain techniques or products, i will share with you what has worked for me and other companies.

So in this article, I am going to walk you through the three step system. I know that it is the same as how you clean. You walk into a room and don’t know where to start. This can go on and on.

But where do you start? Do you have to be a creative genius? And does exciting always mean right for your business or is it more about what your customers want?

Now that you’re ready, let’s get started with the first step.

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Step #1

The first step is always to tidy and organize. Once you have done that, you can move on to step two. So what does step one look like you start at the starting point of your room and you slowly work your way. You have no cleaning products in your hand.

What I do recommend is having a garbage bag with you or a recycling bin, and you can also have some sort of basket. You can centralize all of this, that way. Anything that you find that doesn’t belong in the space can either be tossed in the garbage or the recycling or in the basket to be relocated somewhere else. 

You’re gonna work your way around the room top to bottom section to section. And you’re just gonna scan with your head, moving up and down and anything you see that doesn’t belong.

You’re gonna pluck and place where it needs to go. And anything you see that’s out of place. You can quickly reorganize or tidy it.
Now, some people might not agree with me on this and they’ll say, well, why am I organizing before I’m cleaning?
As far as I’m concerned, when you’re cleaning, you should be lifting something, moving it outta the way, cleaning your house quickly, and then replacing it. If you do this work ahead of time, it actually saves you time when you’re cleaning. Okay? 
So you’re working your way around the room. You’ve got laundry. You’ve got stuff that doesn’t belong there. Fine centralize all of it. If for example, you have laundry that belongs in that room before you finish step two, uh, step one and move on to step two.

That would be a great time to fold that laundry and put it away. If you’re all done, take those bins and baskets, move them outside of the room and get back to your starting point.

Because we’re getting onto step number two.

Step #2

Step #2 is where the actual cleaning takes place. So if you ever wonder how a professional cleaner is so efficient, it’s because they get rid of the clutter first so that they can actually see the forest for the trees. They know what they actually have to clean and they prep a space to be clean. And that is what step two is all about.

Now, what does cleaning actually mean?
What are we trying to accomplish?
Typically, we’re trying to get rid of dust dirt. We’re trying to get anything, any surface shiny or dirt free. So in a general space, like for example, this room, I know my goal. I wanna get it looking. It’s already tidy. I want to get it looking polished and fresh and clean and dust free. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

If you’re in a different room that has different objectives, say a kitchen where there’s a little bit more heavy duty work or dwell time that’s required or a bathroom you might have to pre-plant pretreating some of those surfaces before you get started on your second step. 

That way. By the time you get to say the stove top, it’s now been pretreated for a few minutes. So it’s much easier to clean.
This is another tip for you to bolster your efficiency. Some of the tools you might wanna have near and dear when you’re working on the second step would be all purpose, cleaner glass, cleaner, appropriate microfiber cloth. So a glass and electronic cloth or a general purpose cloth. Those would be really handy. Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna go back to your starting point and you’re gonna start at your first hour, your first section, you’re gonna nod your head in an up and down motion.

This is what I always teach my staff. We say yes to cleaning. You’re gonna start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. And as you visually scan, you might see a scuff. You might see some dust, you might see something. And just going from top to bottom, you’re just gonna quickly start moving wipe here, dust there, this that you’re gonna take items off that need to be clean, spray the surface, give it a wipe down, pick up each item, wipe it, replace it, move on to your next section.
It might sound like there’s a lot to do during step #2. And there is, but once you get the pace and you start to become efficient, you will zoom around the room for that second step. All right, you’ve earned it.

Step #3

We’re gonna move on to step number three, get yourself back to the starting point of the room.
And for this, you’re not gonna need much aside from whatever cleaning tools and products you’re gonna be using to clean the floors because that’s where we’re at. I don’t expect that during your second step, you’re dainty or careful about any of the dirt or dust that you’re cleaning. 

Like there’s no sweeping it into your hand and throwing it into the garbage. We don’t have time for that. You’re gonna be a Savage and throw everything on the floor because we deal with all of it in step three, if you’re vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping, I always recommend to start at the opposite corner to the entry point of the room.

I’m gonna repeat that the opposite corner to the entry point of the room. That way you can always clean your way out of the room instead of cleaning your way into a corner and then having to walk over your freshly clean floors, whether it’s vacuumed or mopped. Nobody wants to do that. I mean, of course you’re gonna walk over that floor surface anyway, but the longer you can keep it cleaning pristine the better it feels.
So if you’re vacuuming, you can either use an extension cord and plug in on the outside of the door. That way you get a nice long cord and you don’t have to worry about stopping your vacuuming, finding another plug and re plugging it in somewhere else. 

You can just keep on going until you get out and with a mop or a broom. Clearly you don’t have to worry about that either way. You’re either gonna vacuum and then be done or vacuum slash sweep and then finish with your mopping. But once that’s done, you are done. You are cleaning.
Once I started using the three steps system to clean a house fast, both professionally and at home, I noticed that I had significantly cut my cleaning time. And in the cleaning business, time is money. Like I said, I don’t even care if it’s for work. I want more time to myself and less time cleaning, but I don’t want to compromise the results.

 And that’s what this three steps system to clean your house professionally  is all about. Saving you time, getting you those great results so that you can get on, be excited and happy and do other things and not spend all your time cleaning your house, even if you love doing it.
And that brings me to this week’s common question, which is what is that one amazing time saving, cleaning tip that you have. We all have generic cleaning tips to clean a house professionally, but i would like to hear from you one that saves you time.

Conclusion paragraph: By following these simple tips, you can make your cleaning process go much more smoothly. Start at the top and work your way down, taking care to pay special attention to high-traffic areas and any areas that tend to get messy. With a little bit of organization and planning, you’ll be able to clean your house from top to bottom in no time at all!

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