How Much To Charge For House Cleaning?

Have asked yourself: How much should i charge for house cleaning?

When starting a cleaning business you need to learn how much to charge for house cleaning, here are some tips for you to learn how much to charge to your customers.

I will show how to price a job by the hour and by project and why prices vary in the house cleaning business.

How Much To Charge For House Cleaning

How to Figure Out How Much To Charge For House Cleaning By The Hour?


This is how you can Figure Out how much to charge for house cleaning by the hour:

To be competitive with the other cleaning companies in your city, you will need to know their average price per hour.

Prices change because in each state or even in the city the costs of living are very different.

California has a much higher cost of living than for example Raleigh NC, that’s why you have to know how much your other house cleaning companies are charging per hour in your city.

It is recommended that you call 2 or 3 cleaning companies and just ask how much is their price per hour.

When you call, take note of how they answer, the questions they ask you will also give you an idea of how to attend the customer by phone.

The idea is not to copy the other companies, the idea is to give more value to your client, to try to solve their problem.

If you can know why the customer is asking for cleaning and you solve that problem, you can charge more per hour than your competitors. You must have all the insurances so that you can demonstrate and justify to the client the price and he feels that his home will be safe.

You can mention that you have:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Worker Compensation (if you already drive employees)
  • Bond Insurance
  • That you include all the supplies.
  • Natural/Green products. (if you use them)
  • Microfiber rags (if you use them)

You can summarize the most important and with the intention of adding value to your client, Let your client know that you know what to do very well and it will be difficult for them to find another person or company.

In summary:

You have to know the average price that companies in your area charge per hour.

Add value to your client, this is the most important step to justify the price and thus be able to have a higher profit margin.

Working by the hour when you start is the best, eventually you will get experience and you will be able to charge per project in the future.

How Much Should You Charge for House Cleaning By Project?

As I mentioned earlier, when you work in the house cleaning business by project and you don’t have much experience and you don’t know how long it will take you to clean you can have a hard time.

If you want to charge per project you must have the experience and be able to know how long it should take you to finish.

There are different types of cleaning, that you should also consider.

But if you have the experience and knowledge to use the right products to make a cleaning faster here we leave you a calculator to give estimates for projects for the different types of cleaning that are done in a home.

We’ve Created A Calculator To Help You Know How Much You Should Charge for House Cleaning:

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