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At Maid Service Santa Barbara, we’re committed to getting your home looking incredible by giving it the consideration it merits. Here is a fundamental diagram of the standard errands you can anticipate from Nancy’s Maid Services proficient home cleaning administrations:

Living Room & Bedroom

  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Make beds
  • Dust reachable ceiling fans and blinds
  • Dust windowsills, decorations and wall hangings
  • Vacuum or mop all floors


  • Sanitize and clean appliances, stove and countertops
  • Clean inside of microwave
  • Dust cabinetry exteriors
  • Mop floors


  • Sanitize and clean sinks, toilets, tubs and showers
  • Clean mirrors
  • Shine Fixtures
  • Fold Towels
  • Mop floors

Our deep cleaning include all our basic package.
Wipe Woodwork
– Baseboards – Door frames – Windowsills – Cabinet exteriors – Paneling

– Clean interior windows – Clean sliding glass doors – Clean French doors.
– Spot clean walls.
Special HEPA Vacuum tasks
– Upholstered furniture – Pillows – Bedding – Mattresses – Drapes – Stuffed animals – Carpet edging – Window blinds – HVAC vent covers.
– Clean underneath area rugs – Clean underneath/behind light, movable furniture – Clean fireplace (must be unused for a minimum 72 hours prior to cleaning) – Polish silver

(Click Here) to view all the we include in a deep cleaning.

In a “moving cleaning” requires no furniture, since in this type of cleaning every small space is practically cleaned.

More than anything else is our more detailed cleaning since the companies that rent are usually very demanding
we include everything of a regular cleaning, we move the stove, and fridge since it concentrates the dirt there. If you want to see what we include in this cleaning  (click here)

Are you looking for regular cleaning?
With our regular service, whether weekly, biweekly or monthly, we can help you. It should be said that whenever you decide to take something regular is to keep your home always clean but for this the first cleaning should be the cleaning that we call a “Deep Cleaning Service” we recommend having this type of cleaning before taking something regular and keep clean your home either weekly or even monthly.

One Time Cleaning?
No problem! We understand that sometimes you only require the service for once, maybe you will have visits, friends or relatives will go to your home, there are many circumstances whereby you may be looking for help and if it is only once there is no problem, count on us to help you

Are you looking for a reliable maid that is professional and does the job well done? Do not look any further! Look how we can help you. When you are looking for help to clean your home we know that it is usually a difficult decision, there are some things you should keep in mind before hiring someone.
First, you must take the time to know who you are going to let into your home, see that they are local people and preferable to see some reviews and you know what other clients say. Usually, when you hire a franchise, it is very difficult to know who is going to enter your home.
Second, that they adjust to your schedules and that they have good customer support.

At Nancy’s Maid Services we offer you all this and much more, you can have the reliability since this company is operated in Goleta, CA , YES we are a local company! Any inconvenient or question you can talk to us or send text message at any time! Request a quote or call us at 805-724-7082

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