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What includes kitchen cleaning?

Many clients call us for even the cleaning of a single kitchen
Here we clarify a bit what includes the cleaning of a kitchen depending on what type of service you have requested.

  • If the kitchen has not had deep cleaning at least 1 months before, you will need to choose our “deep cleaning” In a deep cleaning we use special products to remove the dirt that has been a long time and is concentrated therefore it is usually difficult to remove.
  • If you have a “maid” that already keeps your home clean, usually the kitchen is clean and they need a light cleaning, for these cases you can only ask for a “basic cleaning for kitchen”
  • If you are moving from home, we have what we call “move out cleaning for kitchen” this cleaning is even deeper since it has to be perfect for the next tenant.

In resume:

We clean all surfaces, sweep and mop floors, leaving your kitchen professionally cleaned and smelling fresh and emptying trash cans.


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