Bathroom Cleaning

Maid Service for Your Bathroom.

What includes cleaning in bathrooms?

Many clients call us for even the cleaning of a single bathroom this is more requested by students in Isla Vista (UCSB)
Here we clarify a bit what includes the cleaning of a bathroom depending on what type of service you have requested.

  • If the bathroom has not had deep cleaning at least 3 months before, you will need to choose our “deep cleaning”
  • In a deep cleaning we use special products to remove all the tartar and remove the dirt that has been a long time and is concentrated therefore it is usually difficult to remove.
  • If you are moving from home, we have what we call “move out cleaning for bathrooms” this cleaning is even deeper since it has to be perfect for the next tenant.
  • If you have a “maid” that already keeps your home clean, usually the bathroom is clean and they need a light cleaning, for these cases you can only ask for a “basic cleaning for bathrooms”

We are ready to help you either for cleaning 1 bathroom or a complete home!

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