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If I get the service, what does cleaning include?

Maybe you’re wondering what is included when hiring a cleaning service and more if it is the first time you hire a company.

I will try to be as clear as possible, so you can decide for the best option for you and what you need.

Maybe you already realized that we have different types of cleaning, such as:

Deep Cleaning
Regular Basis
Move Out Cleaning
Move In Cleaning

and so on, but if this is the first time you’ve hired a company, you may not really know what the differences are. Do not worry, here I explain them!


Let’s start with the most requested service we have: “Deep Cleaning” 

This service can be requested by any type of household, basically it is for homes that have had more than 1 month without any type of cleaning, and it is the most recommended if it is the first time you hire a cleaning company, you will see the results immediately when see your home !.

What does not include a Deep Cleaning?

In this type of cleaning you can include practically everything from:

Clean Inside Cabinets
Clean Inside Oven
And so on …

The only thing that is not included:

Move furniture, stove, refrigerator or any other object.

What does our “Regular Basis” service include?

Maybe you are interested in keeping your home always clean, we understand that work, children, school and other things consume a lot of time and what we least want to do is clean the home.

Our “Regular Basis” Service or Housekeeping is to keep your home clean, cleaning can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. But if your home has not had recent cleaning at least 1 month before, we recommend starting with a “Deep Cleaning”

What does our “Move Out Cleaning” service include?

As the name says, if you are moving this type of cleaning is the most recommended.


The apartment, house, or condominium must be delivered ready for the next occupant, either to sell or rent.

In this type of cleaning as it is the most detailed cleaning (and difficult) (sometimes) it is more advisable that apartment or condominium is completely empty.


What does our “Move In” service include?

Basically the same is recommended since it must be a very deep cleaning

that includes moving the refrigerator, moving the stove to clean the sides and bottom among other things.

You only have to choose which is the best option for you!
Remember that for any of these services you can obtain an estimate online in our contact page!