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Moving from your actual home is very stressful, the simple fact of moving leaves a feeling of nostalgia, since you have to leave a place where you have lived a large part of your life, and to that, adding to think about packing the family’s things. It’s usually stressful with those things to do.
And what is worse before living in a home for the first time is necessary to be clean, to start living in it and that is even a more tired job.
That’s where we come to help you, since this type of cleaning is very detailed and one or two people are hours of hard work.

By nature, moving is messy. Our expert cleaning crews can make sure that your new home or the one you’re leaving looks spotless and sparkling with our move in cleaning  and move out cleaning services.

Move in Cleaning Service Checklist

The kitchen is always the first place to start in a new home. Why? Well It’s the place where you and your family will spend more time together that’s a good reason. So what your maid should include in a move in cleaning for your kitchen are the following steps:

  • Fridge

The refrigerator is usually clean when you get to a new house, but you should always get a deep cleaning even if it seems clean.

  • The Stove

Make sure they move the stove to clean at the bottom, this area is usually very careless and one of the dirtiest parts in a kitchen.

  • Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Counters usually require less work, just make sure your maid clean between cracks using a putty knife to remove any debris. Clean backsplashes with a mild cleaner or baking soda and water.

  • Sink

The sink of your kitchen is very important that it is cleaned properly, it will give a lot of personality to your kitchen.

  • The Walls 

And of course you do not want to see spots or some spider web hanging, this should always be included in this type of cleaning.

Do you want our services and live in the area of santa barbara? We can help you with this difficult task, just call us to receive a free quote without any commitment.

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