Why organic products?

Organic products are the best as we help maintain a healthier planet. Cleaning with organic products is best to use when you have children or pets as it is well known that chemicals can make you sick, especially the bleach, of course if you use too much.

What type of cleaning do we recommend using natural products?

  • Housekeeping
  • Airbnb Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning

What kind of cleaning is not recommended?

  • Move Out Cleanings
  • Construction Cleaning

We do not recommend using products in the “Move Out Cleanings” cleaning unless the home has already had some kind of maintenance while living in it.
Usually, this type of work requires strong products to thoroughly remove the dirt that has been for years.

For more information about how natural products help your health and in general visit this article: Are Green Cleaners Better For You?
If you want our team to use natural products, just tell us and we will use the best products.