Cleaning House When Moving Out

Cleaning House When Moving Out


In this article I will explain exactly how to do a cleaning house when moving out, as do professional companies.

You will find specific products that will make cleaning easier, this are products that we use in our house cleaning company “Santa Barbara House Cleaning By Nancy’s Cleaning Services

If you want to clean your own house or you will do a cleaning job and have no experience, you will find this guide very beneficial since you will do it professionally.

Usually cleaning companies will charge more if a move out cleaning requires a “deep cleaning” since it is not a easy job, for a single person can take all day, so if you have a partner or family member that can help you, cleaning will be much more easy.

Step one

You have to divide the work into 2 parts, the most common is to divide the work in this way:

1. Bathrooms and Kitchen.
2. Bedrooms and Living Room.

If you managed to make a team of 2, one person will clean the bathrooms and the kitchen.
The other person will be responsible for cleaning rooms, living room and vacuum. That included cleaning blinds, windows sills, vacuuming and other details.

Cleaning House When Moving Out (Guide)

How to clean a bathroom:

First you have to buy the right products, we can carve the hardest but you will not advance and you will only get tired. At the end of the article you will find the products that we recommend to make it easier and look like a professional job!

What should include your cleaning in the kitchen is the following:

  • Bathtub.
  • Bath rate.
  • Cabinets (if you have) inside and outside.
  • Mirrors. You can use only windex.

Kitchen deep cleaning: 

What should include your cleaning in the kitchen is the following:

  • Cabinets (inside and out side) for this the cabinets must be empty. You will not want to break anything.
  • Fridge (inside fridge and outside) same for inside fridge is more easy that is empty.
  • Stove (inside ant outside) for the cleaning of stove you can use the product of easy off and spill it in the Grills and inside the oven and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Mop – the mop products depends a lot on what type of floors you have. But if you know your floor are not delicate or real wood you can use degreaser or bleach, but you have to be sure that it does not damage the floor.
  • Sink –

Bedrooms Deep Cleaning:

Before starting the cleaning you have to order, it is very difficult to clean with toys or clothes, after ordering the job will not take too long.
Start typing spider webs, Sweep the cobwebs away, With a broom simply sweep away the webs and your home will be spider free, then clean the blinds with a rag and then windows sills, You can use the vacuum cleaner for the edges of the windows sills.

Wipe down the headboards, foot boards, and bedposts of all your beds.

Last but not least the baseboards are cleaned, it can be with a humble cloth or rag and with a dry one, in this way you baseboards will be very clean!

The goal is to clean from top to bottom.

Until the end you can clean the floor, vacuum and then mop. It is usually advisable to mop twice to remove all the dirt.

Living Room Deep Cleaning:

The idea of the living room is the same as that of cleaning the room, it starts from top to bottom. Spider Webs, dusting, windows sills, until you get to baseboards and finally clean the floors.


Usually a house of 2000 square feet of 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms is cleaned in an average of 3 to 4 hours with a team of 2 people.
The cleaning products that we recommend for move out cleaning house are: 
  • Degreaser. (It can be used on any surface that contains grease, just be sure it is not delicate.)
  • Easy off. (for the stove, it is applied in the grills and inside oven and it is left for 10 to 15 minutes.) then remove with a rag as it loosens all the grease.
  • Bleach, can be used in bathtubs. or white walls to remove stains, some times you can use degreaser too for stains on walls.

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