Cleaning Company Names – (Guide)

Looking for cleaning business names to start a cleaning business?

We got a list of unique cleaning business names and tips to get advantages in ranking on Search Engines and get more customers.

Here are some professional tips on choosing a cleaning business name.

There are some important issues to consider that may not be so obvious to the untrained business start up.

A very important tip that you have to implement in this 2020 is to choose a name for your business and add the name of your city either at the beginning or at the end.

Here are some examples:

This will help make authority in your city by creating a brand name while it you make a huge help to Search Engines like Google or Bing to understand where you offer your cleaning services.

This way it is much easier to go out in the first places in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. This is a huge secret that I am revealing and that can make a huge difference in getting your firsts customers.

This way you get these benefits:

  • It’s easy to remember.
  • It’s easy to pronounce.
  • It’s concise.
  • It’s original.
  • It’s pleasant to hear and repeat.
  • It’s Local.
Cleaning Company Names

Unique Cleaning Business Names:

  • (Your City+Your Service+Your Name.)
  • (Your City+House Cleaning+Your Name)
  • (Your City+Carpet Cleaning+Your Name)
  • The Dream Clean Team.
  • Krazy Klean.
  • Clean ‘N’ Care.
  • Quick Clean.
  • Clean Queen.
  • Save Your Stress.
  • Diamond Shine.
  • Soft-Touch.
  • Supreme Klene.
  • TipTop.
  • Tru-shine.
  • Green Clean Team.
  • Squeeky Kleen.
  • We Mean to Clean.
  • Down And Dirty Cleaning Service.
  • Krystal Klear Cleaning Service.
  • Clean Break.
  • Maid in Your City.
  • Rise ‘n’ Shin.
  • Rag tag team
  • Bride and groom with a broom
  • Dirt Devils
  • No Dust are Us
  • Super Maids
  • Dust & Shine
  • Polished to Perfection
  • Pleasin’ Polish
  • Sweet Dream Clean Team
  • Load Lifters
  • Dirt busters
  • Twinkle Time
  • Not Just Dust
  • Premier Cleaning Services.
  • Supreme Cleaning Services,
  • Feather Lady.
  • Comfy Mom.
  • Broom With A Clue.
  • Hygiene Machine.
  • Clean Conscience.
  • Rent-A-Maid.
  • The Butler Did It.
  • The SOAPranos.
  • Dust Bunny.
  • Maid 2 Order.
  • Cleaning by Design.
  • Dirt B Gone.
  • We Mean To Clean
  • Two Girls and A Bucket.
  • White Glove Cleaning.
  • JR’s Custom Clean.
  • Home Clean Home.
  • Dust to Shine.
  • Klean Klub.
  • Clean Break.
  • Helping Hands.
  • Maid to Perfection.
  • Grime Busters.
  • Spic n Span.
  • AAA Commercial Cleaners.
  • 101 Cleaning Company.
  • A Cleaner Office
  • Millennium Maid Service.
  • Krystal Clear Home Cleaning Service.
  • Clean Freedom.
  • All Seasons Cleaning Services.
  • Maid Service for Hire.
  • Bonded Building Cleaning.
  • Freedom Clean.

How to Pick The Correct Name For Your Cleaning Business?

Other aspects you should consider when choosing a name for your cleaning company.

Other aspects that you should consider when choosing a name for your cleaning company is what niche you will focus on

As you know, there are different types of services in the cleaning industry.

To mention a few:

Do you just want to focus on a niche? If you have this clear you can decide for a name for your cleaning company, easier.

Do you intend to expand in the future in other types of cleaning? So a recommendation is to use “cleaning services” in the name of your company, so it is understandable for your client that you offer different types of cleaning.

It is important to take your time when choosing your cleaning business name. A catchy name for your cleaning business will not only make it easily remembered, it will also help establish your brand over time.

We hope you have found this article on picking cleaning business names useful.

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