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Our professional team at Carpet Cleaning is assigned to you for your project. We only use professional equipment such as (truck mounted machines) or in some cases it is required to use Portable Carpet Cleaning Extractors, usually in buildings with several floors or with elevators.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Services In Santa Barbara, CA

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  • Professional Technicians.
  • Residential and Commercial Jobs.
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  • Fully Insured. (Your home or business is protected)
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  • Always Improving. (always searching for best products)
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning (truck mounted)

When it comes to carpet cleaning, many people think that steamer is all you need. The truth of the matter is more complicated than just throwing some hot water on your carpets and letting everything soak in; there’s actually an entire process behind this which starts with what type/brand machine will work best for YOUR needs (there are plenty out there!)

If you want the best possible clean, it’s important to call in professionals. Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as one of their most effective methods and will provide deeper stains with this process than any other type on method available today!

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We have a strict guarantee policy for our customers. If you are not satisfied with the results of your service, Nancy’s Cleaning Services Of Santa Barbara will fix any problem that arises within one business day!

We pride ourselves on being the best Santa Barbara carpet cleaners by Nancy’s Cleaning Services. Our team will be ready to go at your property as soon as you specify, and we can handle whatever needs that come up during or after cleaning!
Our thorough approach ensures a clean space free from harmful chemicals – making it safe for everyone.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Services

A reason people hire a carpet cleaning service company is able to see their home or business in good condition, clean and fresh.

The importance of carpet cleaning cannot be stressed enough. If you want your carpets and upholstery to look their best, then hiring a professional is the way forward!
Nancy’s Cleaning Services specialize in comprehensive residential services including deep scrubbing sessions with proprietary chemicals for those who have pets or children living at home – no stain will stand against us when we’re through cleanin’ em outta here!. We offer same-day service so that our clients don’t need wait around all day while they get Mother Nature on call; instead we come straight over right away.

We offer our Carpet Cleaning Service in:

  • Premium Pet Package (heavy cleaning): 

Great for families with pets, kids and heavily soiling issues. (+Special Products)

  • Protector Package:

 Great for those with medium soiling issues, +extra dirty and spill protection.

  • Basic Cleaning Package: 

Great for light or medium soiling issues that just need a basic steam carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

With our truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines, you can clean even the most heavily trafficked areas like hallways in office buildings and hotels. We’ll restore your carpets to new with just one call! And because maintaining an ongoing maintenance schedule is critical for longevity of investment (and health), we highly recommend that every six months or so – depending on use–we will come out at no extra charge during those times when it’s needed most.

We offer tile and grout cleaning services using truck-mounted machines. Our high pressure hot water steam extraction process forces the solution into your floor without doing any damage, while also vacuuming out all excess soil to keep things clean!

Mold, dirt, and even mildew can get trapped in the grout pores and tiles because typical washing is not enough to rid of them. An intensive deep cleaning is often required to do this and our professionals know just how to remove the trapped grime in your floors.

Upholstery cleaning is the process of removing dirt and oils that are transferred to the fabric of furniture. Cleaning upholstery may mean cleaning the entire piece of furniture or conducting spot treatments to remove pets, food, wine, drink, or oil and grease stains.

Your upholstery is in safe hands with our professional cleaners. We can handle almost any fabric, including delicate and hard-to-clean fabrics like velvet or suede! Regardless of where you’re located we’ll be able to provide the best cleaning solution for your needs.

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Cleaning Service: Maid Service and housekeeping Services
We have given service of carpet cleaning to the city of Santa Barbara, CA for over 3 years.
We perform every clean according to the needs of our customers. We are looking forward to making your carpets or upholstery sparkling clean. 

Our technicians are Local Carpet Cleaners. We use professional machines such as:

  • Prochem.
  • HydraMaster.

We offer our Carpet Cleaning Service for all types of property’s!

Prepare The Place
  •  Prepare your area to be cleaned:  If furniture moving is required, we move small sofas, chairs, small plants, small tables, etc.  An extra fee applies to beds. Remove breakables from table tops. Carpet Cleaner Technicians are not permitted to move anything breakable or electronic.
  • Save us a parking space near your door.
  • Use caution around the hoses we bring in; tripping and slipping may be a hazard.
  • Tell us your every concern.
  • Drying Tips:  Before we arrive, keep the temperature as cool as possible. Air conditioners dehumidify the air.  Turn on ceiling fans to circulate air.
  • Try to give us the most information to give you an estimate by phone, photos help a lot to give you a more accurate estimate.
  • 48 hour cancellation policy. you must cancel or reschedule, let us know within 48 hours, please.
  • Please note: The phone or website estimate is based on the information you gave us. We will measure and give an exact price before we begin.
  • 8 to 12 hours to dry.
Carpet Cleaning Services Santa Barbara

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, all out carpet cleaning technicians are insured and bonded. We understand that it is a privilege to be in your property , and we are always careful. In the unlikely event that an object is damaged, please notify us within 24 hours.


All of Nancy’s Carpet Cleaners Professionals are highly trained, background and reference checked, as well as insured and bonded. As a touch of extra confidence, we let you know by SMS when our maids begin the job and finish.

Our Cleaning Services Prices.

First option: We can give you a walk through estimate to give you a more accurate price.

Second Option: We can give you an estimate based on the sq ft of your home, bathrooms and rooms that you want to be cleaned by call or on our contact page.

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