Apron For Cleaners.

The Best Top 3 Apron For Cleaning You Should Buy (Professionals)

The right aprons for cleaning should be worn during cleaning. It has to be practical and comfortable, it has to be easy to have cleaning supplies, there is only one apron with which you can achieve this.

If you are going to clean professionally or you are already a professional company you should know that not having cleaning supplies near us costs us more time.

When you are cleaning, you surely do not want to get your nice cloths dirty or get a stained that you can never possibly remove. That’s why a apron for cleaning is the best protection against getting your clothes dirty.

They feature protective materials and pockets for various tools and implements. Cleaning aprons may be water resistant or not. Let us check out the 3 BEST cleaning aprons used by professional cleaners.


1. Original Speed Cleaning

The ultimate secret weapon in the fight for leisure time.

Speed Cleaning Apron comes with four replaceable plastic pocket liners (enough to last a year or more) plus clips.

Most of us wouldn’t even hire a carpenter who didn’t wear a carpenter’s belt and had to climb up and down a ladder every time he or she needed a nail. Yet that’s exactly how many of us go about cleaning our homes.


Time is wasted and people are worn to a frazzle making aggravating trips back and forth and up and down when they ought to be finished and well into a good book, on the 3rd green, or picnicking with the kids.

You clean your way around the room once and YOU’RE DONE! Clean from top to bottom, back to front, and clockwise around the room, doing the dusting, wiping, and polishing as you go. No wasted time. No wasted energy. No backtracking. No fooling.

Plastic buckles snap together and stay put. Nothing to tie or to adjust. Strong, light, and comfortable 100% cotton duck fabric is easy to launder and looks great

Small fits waists to 33″ (women’s size 6 or smaller). Standard fits most sizes. (Choice of size and color) 

Standard Size Apron is 21″ L (across) X 14″ with 10″ pockets.  Small Size Apron 17″ X 14″ with 8″ pockets (approx).


2. Apron Tool Belt.

Cleaner’s Helper is the manufacturer behind this cleaning accessory. It is designed in a tool belt style. The professional tool belt is very high quality and lasts for years even with daily use. This tool belt has 3 main pockets with capacity to hold up to a 32 oz wide spray bottle. Other notable features of the tool belt include a cord wrangler, business card/mobile phone holder and a towel loop.

This tool belt is light in weight. It weighs 13 ounces and measures 18 x 1 x 12 inches. The material used in making the tool belt is cotton. It is soft and does not scratch surfaces with incidental rubbing or contact. This also allows the tool belt to be machine washable. The belt fits waist sizes of up to 43 inches.

The Cleaner’s Helper professional tool belt is useful in many areas around your home and in professional cleaning. It saves you time and makes you more efficient in cleaning. It also helps you cut costs on labor.

Professional Cleaning Apron with 7 Pockets

This speed cleaning apron is a multipurpose accessory for homeowners. It allows you to bring a lot of items with you with its many pockets. The apron can even hold a commercial grade 16 oz spray bottle that it comes with. This apron promises to double your cleaning speed.

Professional speed cleaning apron is made using thick fabric that makes it very durable. It is however not waterproof. Supply Maid is the company behind the professional speed cleaning apron with 7 pockets. It comes in 4 colors; black, blue, gray and khaki. The apron measures 10 x 3 x 9 inches and weighs 11.7 ounces only. Visit Website Here.