Nowadays, who wants to scrub the house inch by inch like grandma? That is why we give you 15 handy household and cleaning tips. Did you know that with olive oil you get stains from stainless steel in no time and why wouldn’t you actually clean the shower while standing under it? At Clean Home Guide you will find various useful and quick cleaning tips for your home.

Tip 1: Washing and ironing


Immediately remove the washing from the machine and hang the clothes on hangers or lay them out to dry. That way you will not get wrinkles and you will no longer have to iron.


Tip 2: Disposable wipes


Make full use of disposable wipes. You have them for the toilet, the kitchen, bathroom and for furniture. Without any effort you can easily wipe the dirt from the high chair and the dust off the table.


Tip 3: Greasy fingers


With small children you often suffer from greasy fingers. To remove this you can put all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle. Check the greasy fingers with a cloth and your bottle, then everything will be clean again.


Tip 4: Stains on the couch


Children often mess on the couch. The panacea? Some soaps works wonders for all stains on the couch: milk, poo, vegetables / fruit.


Tip 5: Fresh scent

The vacuum cleaner often emits a musty odor. You can easily remedy this by vacuuming up a little washing powder before you start vacuuming. The fresh scent is then spread throughout your house.


Tip 6: Streak-free floor


Instead of cleaning the laminate floor with an all-purpose cleaner, you can also do this with diluted ammonia. The odor is slightly less fresh, but your floor will be kept spotlessly clean.


Tip 7: Gas burners


The gas burners are often poorly cleaned during the normal cleaning of the stove. A good alternative to gas burners is the use of ‘brillo’ sponges. Rub very carefully and guaranteed that they will shine fully again afterwards.


Tip 8: Defrost the freezer


Defrosting the freezer is always a big job. To speed up the defrosting process you can hold a hair dryer for it. Make sure your freezer has been switched off for ten minutes and do not put your hair dryer on the hottest setting. The job is done within half an hour.


Tip 9: Stainless steel surfaces


Small children prefer to touch everything. Stainless steel surfaces are therefore often strewn with fingerprints and stains. You get this effortlessly away by putting a little olive oil on a paper towel. Rub gently in circles and there will be no stains left.


Tip 10: Dirty rug


Do you also suffer from a dirty carpet? In winter, turn your rug upside-down for 15 minutes in fresh snow. If you take it off again, your rug will be spotlessly clean and the snow black. Really