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We’ll clean your home/property, One Time – weekly or every two weeks. Don’t forget to ask about our Special Offer for maintenance service!

Get a price.

Tell us about you, your property, and your cleaning needs.

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We’ll make your home/office shine, and run any errands you’d like.

Breathe, smile, relax.

The property is clean, Time for you to just relax or work in a excellent environment.

Our Cleaning Services In Goleta, CA

Commercial Cleaning Services Santa Barbara

House Cleaning Services.

Housekeeping Service - Maid Service

Commercial Cleaning Services.

Retails - Construction Clean Up

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Disinfection/Sanitation Available.

(Fogger ULV Disinfection)

Fully Insured.

(Your property is protected with us)

Cleaning Services
No Contracts.

(24-Hour Clean Guarantee*) Real Time Text & Email Reminders.

Professional Cleaning Supplies Included.

Special cleaning products. (heavy cleaning)

Why Choose Nancy’s Cleaning Services Of Goleta?

Nancy’s Cleaning Services of Goleta has a reputation for providing quality cleaning services that are measurable. With our guarantee to produce guaranteed results, we will work with you every step of the way from planning your next project or home-cleaning needs!

Nancy’s Cleaning Services is the best choice for those who demand high standards and want to be certain they are getting what their money paid for. We provide guaranteed results, so you can relax while we take care of everything else!

Top Rated Cleaning Service Company In Goleta, CA

Buddy BertlingGoogle
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They did a deep clean three weeks ago, and the first routine maintenance on Friday. I am very pleased with the quality of the team's work and price. Would recommend to a friend.
Ellen RatcliffeGoogle
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Moving?! How soon? We have to hire deep cleaners!! — Nancy’s was rated high on Yelp, and we hired them. Customer Service was great, and they were kind when we had to cancel the first appointment. They had a team available within 24 hours on my second request. The cleaning team was dedicated and ready to help— despite the fact that it was 95F!! They rolled up their sleeves and got the kitchen ready for painting. Wow! We will have them back to prep the other areas of our condo. Thank you, Nancy’s!
Yolanda HopeGoogle
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We decided to go with Nancy's Cleaning Company based off the reviews on Yelp. Super pleased that they were able to fit us in on such short notice and were reasonably priced with the rest of their competitors. Dulce was quick to call me back and schedule an appointment that same weekend. Nancy's And Dulce was both punctual and extremely courteous. My neighbors even came by to see his work and asked for a quote at their house! Needless to say very happy with their service and would totally re come them! Thank you Nancy and team!
Bj WeissGoogle
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Very good service. Astonishing ability to remove kitchen sink stains that were here when we moved in. Sandra and Teresa were fabulous and really wanted to please. Loss a point for forgetting to do the dining room table and it would have been nice if they would have windex'd the bay window in the living room with dog nose prints. I would hire again.

We’re so confident in our services that we guarantee your satisfaction with us.  Nancy’s Cleaning Services guarantees to respond and promptly resolve any specific service issues within one business day! If for whatever reason, Nancy’s cannot meet these obligations or make up the difference between what was agreed upon (i.e., if the team messes something up), then you are entitled TO A COMPLIMENTARY COSYING CALL – This key differentiator separates us from ALL THE OTHERS out there who only provide cheapest possible options…
We are so confident in our services that we guarantee your satisfaction with us.  Nancy’s Cleaning Services guarantees to respond and resolve any specific issues within one business day! This is key differentiator between ours vs other companies out there who don’t have this kind of care or attention toward their customers needs as well-demand.

When you need a cleaning service, it’s important that the person coming into your home/property understands how and when they will be entering. We at Nancys Cleaning Services understand this concern so we always notify our clients before starting any job or event!

We want all of our customers feeling comfortable with their decision in choosing us as novice-level cleaners.

  • Free cleaning estimates.
  • Time tested techniques.
  • Professional cleaning products.
  • Advanced technology.
  • A well-trained and experienced cleaning crew.
  • A comprehensive cleaning schedule.
  • The expertise to provide additional services when needed.

We are professional cleaners with an emphasis on safety. We take pride in our work and assure you will be satisfied every time!
Nancy’s Cleaning Services has been providing quality cleaning services for over five years, so if it needs something to be done in the cleaning project–we will got it done.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction.
  • 19 years of experience.
  • Text & Email Reminder.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured professionals.
  • Proactive communication.
  • Quality assurance processes.
  • Top-of-the-line cleaning equipment.
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Our Cleaning Services In Goleta

When you hire our cleaning service, we’ll make sure your home or business is in good shape to welcome guests. We use products with environmental protection association (EPA) registration numbers on them so they’re safe for consumption and will not cause any harm if touched by someone who has been exposed while working at their own property.”

Hiring our cleaning service company allows you to see your home or business in good condition, clean and fresh. Our professional cleaners use a sanitizing solution on light switches, doorknobs, bathroom surfaces as well as other commonly touched areas so that they’re free from germs while we take care of everything else!

Nancy’s Carpet Cleaning Services offers a variety of services to keep your home and carpets clean. One such service is our carpet cleaning, which can be done at any time for an affordable price!
Since this process helps remove dirt from surfaces as well as stains that may have accumulated over time-it’s important you take care not only the look but also health aspects when it comes looking after these things too so make sure if anything feels strange or out place upon inspection by calling us right away.

Deep House Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning Service In Goleta

Deep Cleanings are necessary when your home needs a good deep clean. The costs of these vary depending on how big the house is and whether there’s any plumbing work needed in addition to cleaning every room thoroughly, which could include bathrooms too!
A deep clean is the best way to get your home/commercial property looking its very finest. The cost of a Deep Cleaning varies depending on how many rooms and bathrooms you have, but will always be worth it!

What is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

A deep cleaning can include everything that requires cleaning in your home, it is a Top to Bottom cleaning.

Just keep in mind that our team is not authorized to move objects or heavy furniture.

Move Out/In Cleaning is an essential part in making sure everything looks polished and ready for its next owner. I know that sometimes when people are packing up all their belongings, they can leave behind some messes which need cleaning before someone else moves into place; this includes dirtied walls from footprints or grime on bathroom tiles!

Move-out cleanings will help prepare your old home so when somebody new comes over – whether family members who’ll be staying there long term like children collecting things at grandparents’ house before going off onto college–they’ll see only perfection.

Fortunately, the professional cleaning teams at Nancy’s Maid Service are here to handle the task. Performing a deep clean before moving out is beneficial especially if you have a security deposit on the line.

The cost of move out cleaning vary depending on the type of cleaning required, for a deep cleaning it is necessary that the home is completely empty.

Before cleaning make sure you complete the following list in order to reduce the cost as much as possible:

  • Throw away everything that is trash. ( In bathrooms, kitchen, living room and rooms.)
  • Empty the refrigerator. (if cleaning is required inside the refrigerator.)
  • Empty cabinets, leave them completely empty. (if cleaning inside cabinets is required)

This way our team will focus more on the cleaning, you can download our Move out Cleaning Checklist so that at the end of the cleaning you can mark what was done in the cleaning.

a Maid Cleaner

Maintenance Service In Goleta

The health of your family is inversely proportional to the cleanliness of their home. A dirty house means more time spent on chores, which leads inevitably into less quality bonding moments with loved ones; not only that but serious diseases can easily take hold when you don’t have proper ventilation or hygienic conditions for handling food items like pots & pans (not even mentioning dishes). So what’s an average household minutes away from having someone come around once per month? That would be sufficient enough!

As soon as your home is clean, you can enjoy the best moments with family. The cleaning process should be done minimum once per month to keep up constant hygiene and prevent diseases in 80% of places around our homes where they’re generated from!

Recurring services can be:

  • Weekly.
  • By-weekly.
  • Monthly.

By getting recurring service you not only keep your home clean, it also helps maintain the value of your home as well as take away the stress of arriving from work and having to clean.

Many people consider cleaning their home as their second job, and it is because cleaning is not easy. But we can help you with that and take away that stress of getting home after work and having to clean up.

We provide the best window cleaning service in town! We remove all your screens from home, and clean each one by either wet moping them or dry wiping. Our focus is always on providing excellent customer support with a high attention to detail for every single person who walks through our doors – which means you’ll have sparkling windows again in no time at all (and without any hassle).

We clean your windows to perfection, leaving no trace of dirt or dust. We use a variety methods depending on the condition and material type found within each screen!

Nancy’s Cleaning Services Of Goleta understands the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy work environment for all our customers. We provide high-quality Office Cleaning Service that will meet your needs with complete satisfaction.

Keep your office building looking its best with our professional cleaning service. We offer the highest standards and will help you maintain an environment that is clean, healthy for everyone in it who work together as one big family!

We know that your office is a busy place and we want to help you keep it clean. Whether the daily schedule of services for an entire building or just certain areas like bathrooms, kitchens (and} hallways), our goleta team will customize their cleaning plan based on what’s needed most in order ensure every square inch gets its due attention from us!
We’re experts at providing customized solutions tailored specifically towards meeting each unique facet within these facilities types – whether large complex breweries/ OFFICE PRODUCTION CENTERS ; small business clinics

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we’re a one-stop resource. one time, maintenance or construction clean up.

Whether you require one-time cleaning, weekly cleaning, or daily cleaning, we customize a schedule that works best for you.

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Why Nancy’s Maid Services LLC Is The Best Choice For House Cleaning & Janitorial Service in Goleta, CA?

Nancy’s Maid Services LLC has been a Goleta Local Company for over 5 years. Our team of professional maids performs every clean according to the needs and wants of our customers, making sure they are getting their free time back in order! We offer you nothing but high quality service as we provide all necessary supplies with top notch hygiene standards so that not only will your house look sparkling beautiful but also be safe from any dirt or bacteria which could cause illness when someone comes into contact.

With the best cleaning supplies and equipment to tackle toughest dirt and grime, and leave your house or office bright and shining clean!

We offer our Goleta cleaning services for all types of property!

  • Primary residences
  • Vacation rentals
  • Rental properties
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
House Cleaner: Maid Service and Housekeeping Service
Focus on Your Life, Not Your Cleaning Schedule.

When you need a reliable and trustworthy cleaner, Nancy’s Cleaning Services Of Goleta is the team for your home or commercial needs. You’ll be surprised at how much more time we can give back to our daily lives once we start using professional cleaning services!

One of the most popular places in Goleta, CA is to go to the beach and especially to Refugio State Park and Beach a very nice place to relax and enjoy, or you just can go to a restaurant with someone you love for an excellent dinner.

However you choose to spend your time in Goleta, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to focus on the things that really matter, not your endless to-do list.

Maid Service In Goleta, CA


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Nancy’s Maid Services Of Goleta is insured and bonded. We understand that it is a privilege to be in your home, and we are always careful. In the unlikely event that an object is damaged, please notify us within 24 hours.

All of Nancy’s Maid Services Of Goleta Professionals are highly trained, background and reference checked, as well as insured and bonded. As a touch of extra confidence, we let you know by SMS when our maids begin the job and finish.

This depends on how big your home is, but usually there are 2 to 3 professional maids. (It may be more depending on the size of the house) this in order not to spend as much time in your home.

For maintenance cleaning (regular basis) we send from 1 to 3 maids.

Our Cleaning Services Prices.

First option: We can give you a walk through estimate to give you a more accurate price.

Second Option: We can give you an estimate based on the sq ft of your home, bathrooms and rooms that you want to be cleaned by call or on our contact page.

With our service we offer you the security of an excellent job.

Insured (any damage is covered)
Professional Maids.
With reminder system via Email or SMS

Our average per hour is between $ 40 to $ 60.


Yes! Our team are professional and has experience working with Homeowners or Renters. With 16 years of experience.  We have the confidence that we can help you with your home cleaning project.

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Our Location and Contact Info:

Nancy’s Cleaning Services is located in Goleta, CA close to Mcdonalds.

hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Saturday  8:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Sunday 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Goleta is a city in southern Santa Barbara County, California, US. It was incorporated as a city in 2002, after a long period as the largest unincorporated, populated area in the county.

Goleta is about 8 miles (13 km) west of the city of Santa Barbara, along the coast (the coast runs east to west in this portion of southern California). Nearby is the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California and the student community of Isla Vista.

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