Student Apartments Cleaning

Student Apartments Cleaning
Specializing in cleanliness in student apartments or student homes with the best tools for cleaning and affordable prices that you as a student deserve.


Located on over 1,000 acres of California coast, the UCSB campus is truly a learning and living environment like no other. Visit for more information

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College is a comprehensive community college serving the south coast of Santa Barbara County. Established in 1909, SBCC is renowned as the #1 community college in the nation. Lear more at

We have worked with many students in the area, some for studies or in other occasions in after parties. We specialize in cleaning student homes, apartments or cleaning after parties…

Suitable for student cleaning service 100%
We have worked with UCSB students on island view and with students from santa barbara city college.
Kitchens We include, Washing of frets, small stains, washing of microwaves. Cleaned of greenhouses. Outside oven, outside refrigerator, sweeping, mopping and small details that make the difference
Living Room From vacuuming and mopping, dusting, removing stains throwing trash and the details that always make the difference
Bedrooms We are careful with important papers, dusting, furniture cleaner, beds, suction and details like clothes thrown and much more
Bathrooms Toilets and bathtub totally included mopped limpiedo of sink and mirrors. With the best producers that are used to make a bathroom really clean.

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